Use mechanic to generate
using familiar web technologies

Mechanic* is a powerful design production toolchain that helps forward-looking organizations move away from a manual design workflow by automating their design operations.

* Built with love by your friends at Design Systems International

Current Status:

We are working towards a 1.0 release and aim to start inviting beta testers in Q4, 2020

Updated: July 20, 2020

Open Source Framework

Use Mechanic’s open source command-line client to quickly get started writing a web-based design tool that generates assets right in the browser.

Familiar Web Technologies

Generate high-quality images and videos using <svg/> or <canvas/>. Write your own custom code or use powerful frameworks such as React.js, D3, p5.js, and THREE.js.

Hosted API

Quickly deploy your design functions to Mechanic’s API, and generate components straight from your design system repo into Figma or serve dynamic assets from <img /> tags on a website.

Parameter-based design specification

Define input parameters for your design functions to auto-generate a user interface, batch-create multiple versions of a design, and model the API endpoints.

The CCC cinema has a dynamic identity system consisting of three vari­ables that can be arranged to cre­ate end­less design assets. CCC uses Mechanic to create a toolkit that en­ables their team to pro­duce a vast ar­ray of ma­te­ri­als while main­tain­ing high lev­els of qual­ity and con­sis­tency.

Noa Noa’s identity system features a custom, variable typeface animated in a scrolling marquee. The electronic music venue uses Mechanic to generate assets for both the low-resolution screens in their physical space and for marketing on social media.